Land of the Giants

054I knew these puppies were big because I saw a blade on a semi bed, but they seem to shrink in size once they are placed at a distance in the wide open places. To get a perspective of size, look at the poles that support electrical wires – on the front, right side of the photo.

It seems like our naked eye can do a pretty good job of seeing perspective and judging size because we see in 3-D and observe movement. Getting correct perspective of size with a camera is more difficult. I got a lot of practice on our trip to the prairie, the mountains, and the ocean. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t – all a part of learning and always fun.

These were in northern Oregon, close to the Columbia River. For more fun exploring how size matters, visit the Two Cent Tuesday Challenge at:

Down on the (Wind) Farm


We left Crater Lake and drove north to Washington on two-lane US highways. This is very diverse land, moving back and forth between rich farm lands and more barren land used for horse grazing. In north-central Oregon there was a lot of “wind-farming.” There are hundreds of windmills going as far as the eye can see..