Beauty thru my Lens: Spring Flowers

I’m intoxicated with Spring and yesterday my friend Julie and I went to Hidden Lake Gardens to try to capture the beauty of Spring as it is unfolding. We talked about how difficult it is to capture the beauty that we see with our eyes and soul. What we end up with on the computer screen frequently doesn’t have that “wow” we felt at the time. I think I will forever be searching for better ways to capture the beauty of God’s creation through my lens. Here are three little beauties.

Wildflower - Trilium

Wildflower – Trilium


Hidden Lake 121

My favorite daffodil of the day. My favorite daffodil of the day.

Petite Wild Flowers in the Maritimes

I love flowers and there were wildflowers blooming everywhere – fields of them, along the road, along drives, hedgerows of them. I made it my mission to photograph as many as possible. I don’t have my wildflower guide with me so I can’t name most of them. Maybe I’ll make that my mission when I get home.

Caped Jewelweed or “Touch Me Not”

This one looks like a funny little fish with fins and tail. They were very difficult to photo because they are very small and somewhat scarce.

Here is another tiny yellow beauty.

Bridfoot Trefoil or Lotus Corniculatus

Here is a purple beauty that was also hard to capture because it is so small and grows a couple of feet off the road shoulder.

Solanum Dulcamara

These white flowers are common throughout the Gaspe Peninsula, northern New Brunswick and this was taken on the Cabot Trail of Nova Scotia but were very difficult to capture in an image. When they grow in mass they are striking because of the white ball and silver stem & leaves. In order to capture them successfully I had to find an isolated flower in order to get contrast.

I found these pink little beauties as I was taking pictures of wildflowers while my husband was pumping gas (again). I took a lot of fun images from the lots of gas stations. These were back in the weeds so I had to threaten life and limb to get them – they are so small that I couldn’t get close to get a good focus. But then this is what they are and what makes them so special.

This afternoon I was taking pictures of these….

When this fellow started posing for me.

If you know the names of any of these, please let us know in a comment. Thanks Gary Schollmeier and Moriah LaChapell for providing names for the first three. I would enjoy being able to provide captions for all my wildflowers.