Autumn’s Tug


An almost perceivable shift of focus,
gentle push from a cool breeze, a Lake Superior blue sky,
a slowing quiet saying it’s time

To turn south.

The memory of autumn hues,
scent and sound of earth moving towards hibernation
etched upon my mind urging me to stay

One more day.


Jamie Dedes posted her Wednesday Writing Prompt with the poem “autumn promises.” In Michigan July is summer, and it has been delightful with not too hot temperatures, low humidity and cool nights. My flower garden is at peek blooming. I usually don’t long for autumn rituals this early in the summer. It isn’t until August that the dog-days of summer heat set in and I hear the call of autumn’s promises. But I have been feeling that gentle nudge for about a week to start thinking about going south. As I move into October, however, I know I will once again feel the conflict of wanting to experience just one more day of autumn before we migrate south.