Barn in the Northwest


I love barns, especially old barns made of wood that has weathered. I saw a lot that were built in this style while driving through the northwestern states. How graceful they are. This one was along the highway on our way to Mt. Rainier in southern Washington.

Tears at Mt. Rainier

mt rainier 015

We drove around a curve and there it was – our first view of Mt. Rainier. It was so beautiful I cried as I framed the shots. It was a perfect morning.

mt rainier 027

mt ranier 125

Driving the Cascades

Cascades 014

It started sprinkling as we left the campground on highway 20, heading towards the Cascade Mountains in northern Washington. The skies were heavy grey and clouds were hanging low among the mountains as we started our assent. It was beautiful and rain continued to be light enough for me to jump out at pull offs to practice my photography skills.

Cascades 016

Every curve in the road resulted in gasps and breaths of joy. The mountains are made of multi-colored rock, the pines are tall and narrow – pointing their way to the sun – that wasn’t shining. The hanging clouds rose and twisted around the mountains.

Cascades 018

About noon we saw blue peeking through breaks in the clouds and sun began to hit the mountains. What was so very beautiful was transforming into another form of beautiful.

Cascades 030

Cascades 050

We were descending into sunshine, but as we moved around and down the pass I wanted to go back in the other direction because I knew there was a different form of beauty driving from west to east. I frequently looked in the rear-view mirror hoping I would get one last glimpse.

What a surprise when I saw the Cascade peaks during our drives around Whidbey Island. And I am going forward in faith that there is more beauty of a different type ahead of us. It is up to me to find it.

Museum of Rust

We arrived on Whidbey Island, Washington, on Wednesday and knew we should settle down for Labor Day weekend. The Deception Pass State Park could only give us the first two nights, but we got the last site for the holiday weekend at the private park across the road. We felt very lucky and are finding that the island has a lot to keep us occupied. I’m happy because I needed a rest from daily travel.

Today we were out exploring, turned down a street to see if I could get a shot of an interesting barn, and there was an old orchard with lots of old, rusty farm implements. J. loves these sorts of things so he pulled over and I grabbed my camera.

This island is an important tourist destination, but it still maintains many of the characteristics from its history. One of these is farming – there are still fields and cows and barns and orchards. Peaches, corn, and blueberries are at the farm market down the road. And these farm implements are a reminder that Whitbey is a farming area.