Which Way

rain forest 035We took a walk down a path in the rain forest of the Olympia National Forest. There was lush green growth all around us with new wonders around every bend.

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Imagine a Leprechaun

rainforest 085We slept in the Washington Rain Forest. I have never visited a rain forest but I’ve been to Ireland and Scotland – the lands of leprechauns and fairies. I have washed my face in a Scottish stream, under a bridge where fairies live. And oh, I could feel that same magic in the rain forest.

rain forest 050


I knew there was the possibility of unseen people who quietly and gently move among the giant trees, the moss covered roots, the shamrocks. People who like to sit a spell and listen to the silence and breath in the cool, moist air. People just big enough to perch on a seat growing from a decaying stump.

rainforest 108

I heard laughter and friendly greetings but when I turned around all I saw was moss covered trees and stumps. Not even the ferns divulged their movement.

rain forest 024I wanted to believe – I wanted to believe more than anything, but how do I believe in something I can’t see or feel or hear. Ahhh, but I did hear them and then I saw something more. Could this be where they live?

Yes! but I didn’t violate their sanctums. I didn’t try to enter places that have taken hundreds of years to produce and can be destroyed in seconds. I quietly packed our things and we left. We stopped at the entrance –

And there he was. Sitting on a rock, legs crossed, intently sewing a strap onto his green bow tie. Meet Timothy, a real leprechaun who lives in the rain forest. We had a nice chat and he told me how to contact him so I can share the photos with him.

rain forest 011

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