Spring is Working Its Way North

We did our annual “spring-in-reverse” trip north last week-end, stopping in Berea, Kentucky for a night at the historic Boone Tavern Hotel. We have stopped here before and the tulips were always at the end of their season, with only a few late-blooming ones in bloom. Not this year – this year we hit them at their peak. They felt like “lens-candy.”

Berea College provides free tuition to young people who have come to the U.S. for asylum so they can get a college degree and also has an arts program that supports the folk arts of the Appellation Mountain region. There are several shops that sell the items that students make so I did a little shopping before having supper in the Boone Tavern dinning room.

We had an enjoyable drive on Monday, surprised at trees budding green and gold, fruit trees blossoming, and spring flowers blooming in Michigan. On Tuesday afternoon we had snow flurries and woke on Wednesday to…

Obviously the path from winter to spring isn’t always straight. The snow melted by afternoon and each day is getting a little warmer, but shorts and flip-flops will remain in the closet for a while longer. We still have flannel sheets on the bed.



I have a few tulips growing in my garden but this isn’t one of them. The ones in my garden never bloom because the deer eat the emerging leaves and bud stalk in very early spring, before we return to Michigan to use our deer repellent.


I really don’t mind sharing my space with deer but my garden – not so much. I’m a little tired today so I don’t really want to think or write about options for co-existence with wildlife – today I’m standing firm that my flower garden is my space.


Obviously, as I look out my window at the topped-off leaves of a few clumps of tulips, the deer have taken the same stand. How lucky I am that we found some beautiful tulips at the Hidden Lake Garden last week and the images I brought home bring me joy after a week of very grey skies and lots of rain.


The tulips had blossomed between our weekly visits and were probably the biggest change in the garden last week – at least they gave the biggest punch of color.


Beauty thru my Lens: Images of Spring

Spring has exploded in southern Michigan any my camera has being used a lot. May these images of spring bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart, and a spring to your step.

Click on any photo to see as a slide show. Blessings.