Travel Theme: Blossoms

Ailsa is in a Spring mood with her theme of blossom. I went to the Tulip Festival in Holland, Michigan so have a few extra blossoms I haven’t posted yet.

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring week-end and a productive, fun week ahead.You can get an overload of blossoms by visiting Ailsa at her blog –

Travel theme: Blossom

Photographing my Soul

The Bardo Group has identified May as interNational Photography Month. They have made it possible for people from around the world to link posts on how photography, as an art form, allows for expression of self and story. You can learn more by clicking on the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

Holland 317I’m a newbie to serious photography. Not serious as in having multiple cameras and getting up at 4 a.m. to catch the earliest rays, but serious in the sense of devoting a lot of myself to it. I have always been a task oriented person, a thinker, an academic. Even my creative hobbies used more of my logical left brain than my creative right brain. As I have aged I have moved toward the center – still enjoying my logical thinking, but balancing it by integrating my emotional responses.

Holland 306Photography has opened my soul to a whole new way of seeing and experiencing the world, and has allowed me to expand the edges of my creativity. I find I am interested in the technical aspects of using my camera and post-processing software but not for a sense of mastery. I only want to master them as tools to enhance my ability to create beautiful images that flow from nature, through my brain, and onto my blog. Photography has also culled from within me a new way of writing, not precise so information is accurately communicated, but precise so that story and image are merged to express beauty.

With camera in hand, I chase after the sun to capture what it illuminates, but also what it hides in shadows.

Holland 133I play with the fire of my passion, exploring luminescence and color, until I become saturated.

Holland 355

I bend and sway to study form and composition. Finding it through my lens seems to help me compose the meaning of my life into a form that is solid but flexible; helping me unfurl the strengths I need to greet aging with grace and joy.

Holland 103

I find that photographs speak to me, revealing insights and new mysteries. I also find that my inner life directs my choices of subject. Sometimes I need to focus close, examining details, exploring within…

Holland 245while other times I need to expand my view to the horizon, even if it is shrouded with haze. As I am aging I am becoming more aware of life’s uncertainties but also learning to trust beyond the unknowing.

Holland 007

I find immense joy in learning through practice, as I revisit familiar subjects and explore new places. I am feeling a sense of fulfillment, as my photography is helping me come closer to being and using all that I am, and experiencing an intimacy with the world I encounter.

Holland 192

Photography is the means to finding and recognizing the rebirth of Spring, but also gives me the perspective for accepting the ebb and flow of life.

Holland 052

All of these photos, except for the misty marsh, were taken in Holland Michigan at the Tulip Festival that is taking place this week.