Surprise in a Red Pod

I saw these red seed pods as I was photographing my way around the Naples Botanical Garden in Florida last winter. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any tags to identify the plant among the foliage. What a surprise to see the seed elegantly tucked inside the golden interior.

My first thought was what a beautiful way to present the gift of new plants but something is wrong with the gift. I’ll leave it to the storytellers among us to give suggestions on story plots for the prickly, gold-lined gift of seeds.

Jude inspired me with her suggestion of quirky reds for this month’s Life in Colour.

If you know the name of this topical plant please inform us in the comments – maybe even share a photo of the flower.

Super Green


A couple of weeks ago I was walking down the boardwalk exiting the Naples Botanical Garden, taking in all the tropical vegetation growing on both sides. I’m always looking for a photo image, but usually this vegetation is too busy, too messy for a two-dimensional image. On this day, about six feet from the door, I stopped in my tracks.

A leaf had just unfurled that was so green, so shiny, and so BIG, that I had to take off my lens cover and beg my camera to take just a few more photos. Yup, it really was this green and this shiny – obviously Mother Nature thinks it is easy being really, really green.

Thanks, Michele – of The Daily Post fame – for giving a good context in which to post this photo. Her prompt is “It IS Easy Being Green.”