Floral Friday – Blue

I love blue flowers, and one that I have been drawn to in southern Florida is Cape Plumbago. It blooms all year, and according to the gardening book I consulted, it needs little care and attention. My kind of plant!

beach 002

Floral Friday: Orchid

From the Naples Botanical Gardens

botanical gardens 395

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Beauty thru my Lens: Water Lilies

The water lilies stood in all their glory waiting for me to capture their beauty. Although my last trip to the Naples Botanical Gardens was to see if any new butterflies were flitting around, I couldn’t resist a walk to the ponds. The gardens looked so different because of growth after the spring rain that I took a wrong turn but when I arrived they were all smiles.

botanical garden 092 botanical garden 106 botanical garden 117 botanical garden 175

Looking at my pics from the tropical botanical garden on my computer screen while seeing the very early spring outside my window jars my mind a little. I wonder what it says about me that inhabiting two completely different worlds is discombobulating. My daffodils popped in the past 24 hours and I was going to add a photo here but they don’t grow in the tropical garden. I’ll save them for tomorrow’s post.

Beauty thru my Lens: Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia – Bird of Paradise

I feel like I am in a whole other world. I have spent a lifetime learning the plants that would grow in the colder climate of Michigan, and even learned those that were exceptions given the unique micro-climate of my gardens. Now I am having to start over because so many plants here in Florida are “foreign” to me. Today I found a book that will help, published by Southern Living – a big book of over 700 pages of plants that grow in the southern regions. What I am learning is that almost anything that grows anywhere will grow here – especially if giving a little extra treatment. Spring bulbs need to be dug up and placed in the frig each year.