Summer Trees

How wonderful to be walking on a back-country dirt road on a hot summer day and be under the shade canopy of trees decked out in their summer garb. Many years ago there was a short, quarter mile stretch of road that I traveled on my way home from work. I had trees on both sides of the road and their limbs grew over the two-lane road. In the summer, before we had car air conditioning, I would be so hot driving out of the city and would hit this short stretch and the temperature would drop and my energy would increase. I looked forward to this little bit of road between the trees in all seasons.

Well, I’ll be posting trees from each of our four very distinct seasons here in Michigan over the next few day. They won’t be of that stretch of road because I never stopped to take a photo – I never had a camera with me and I thought it would always be there to refresh and delight me. I don’t have it any more because they cut the trees down by the road to put in a wide bike/walking path. It is attractive but doesn’t feed my soul. I think I feel a life-lesson in my words, did you hear anything?

I’m taking part in Becky B’s “month of June treesquares.”

Contrast of Trees – Squared

Do you take photographs that you really like but then don’t know what to do with them? This is one of them for me. I took it last March at the Naples Botanical Garden because I loved how the stark white barren tree contrasted with the green structure of the palm behind it. Unfortunately I didn’t check the name of the white tree.

Well, Becky has started a month of squares with the theme of trees. Perfect because I can use this one for my first entry. Maybe you have a photo or two (or more) of trees or a favorite tree that you can photograph for us. Just crop it to a square and link it to one of Becky’s square trees.