I walked along a familiar path, but from the opposite direction. It may have been my new orientation that made me notice this tree for the first time in ten winter seasons of weekly visits. Maybe I was focused on texture because of this month’s challenge at HeyJude’s blog to find something rough to photograph.

I was drawn in by the rough texture of this stocky palm truck created by the overlapping pattern where dead fronds had been cut off and the beautiful colors that accented the texture.


When I zoomed in close, I found the unique characteristics of the trunk that made it so irresistible from a distance.


My first impulse was to marvel at the beauty of this small statue among the lush growth and different shapes of leaves. But if you go back and look at the first photo, I think you will appreciate how pleasing the whole is. There are so many textures and contrasts. Although I photographed parts, I most enjoy the whole. This is an excellent example of Systems Theory – that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

I have been listening to news about the world-wide health crisis as I have been writing this post. In Florida activities are being cancelled and we are encouraged to keep social distance from each other. As I integrate my thoughts about my photography and Systems Theory with our health crisis maybe we need to remember that acting together and keeping everyone’s well-being in mind will help us through. I do believe that the whole of our country and the world will be better and greater when we work together, when we sum our parts. Here in the US we are looking for guidance from our president and unfortunately he just isn’t able to understand how to lead. Let’s work together without him by keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe. And let’s call our congressional representative to let them know that we want the government to make sure all communities have sufficient test kits and unemployment is made available to people who can’t work because of the virus.

Texture Within Texture


During the 2018-19 tourist season, the Naples Botanical Garden hosted an exhibit of  sculptures by glass artist Hans Goto Frabel. There was a variety of sculptures made of glass, but these made from mirrors challenged me the most as I attempted to capture them. I photographed them week after week, learning from every attempt.

Jude is focusing on textures as she inspires us to join her in thinking about the foundations of good photography. This week’s assignment is to find something smooth and get in close to photograph it. I have been wanting to do a post on these and this is perfect – although getting in close involves cropping.

The above sculpture was placed on the entrance boardwalk, and the facets reflected the tropical foliage, the railings, and the beautiful floor. The smooth, reflective texture of the mirror facet shows the texture of the flooring boards.


The next mirrored sculpture was situated where I turned to the boardwalk over The Water Garden. This sculpture was impossible to walk by without experiencing how the facets fractured the landscapes around it. I took a boat-load of photos of this one – and later deleted them from my lap-top. The smooth, reflecting surfaces become even more disorienting when captured in a two-dimensional photograph.


When getting up close, it becomes even more disorienting.


You can see other interpretations of smooth textures by visiting Jude’s blog here.



Textures: Brought to you by Nature and a “Down Dirt Roads” photographer.

In response to The Daily Post prompt for photographers.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Texture

I was enthralled with the rain forest in the Pacific Northwest when we visited. We are also looking forward to a visit to the rain forest of Alaska’s southeast so when I saw Cee’s word this week is texture I was very happy.

I was amazed at the thickness of the moss and how it covers everything.

rainforest 092

I marveled at the different textures of the large stumps that were slowly decaying into the soil – and the new growth they supported.

rain forest 055

We walked through a rain forest path leading to the Pacific beach and were treated to a sun-dappled mossy floor dotted with mushrooms. The multiple textures and colors were a feast for the eyes

Oregon 090-2

Sometimes the moss hung from tree limbs hanging over ferns and moss. The varied textures almost overloaded my senses – and sometimes they were spooky.

rain forest 024

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Texture