Thanks for the Words

Thanks for the Words A smudge was reveled in front of two indentations when I moved my reading chair to the opposite corner of my room. My husband was the first to notice Saying he had carpet cleaner that would erase it. I didn’t respond – but knew this smudge couldn’t be erased, one of countless smudges, where feet have rested over centuries. Where I humbled myself as reader, writer, thinker… learner longing for words to express novel ideas, ancient yearnings. What flourished here disturbed previous certainties and riled emotions; upon this smudge I vacillated between elation and exhaustion. Your hard work nurtured my thinking, inspired and healed me. Your words powered my words. You are a part of me, I took your words in, chewed them up, integrated those that enlarged my brain weave of previous learning and values; and swallowed the rest for later expulsion with other unneeded wastes. I marveled at your effective use of words, well-crafted sentences, plots and arguments that were well constructed. I absorbed new ways of thinking and experimented with your skills. And sometimes I laughed out loud as I read you. Every time I placed my feet on the smudge on the carpet and lowered myself into my reading chair, I entered an exceptional place, occupied by your words. The outcome can’t be erased. Thank you. Patricia Bailey, 2020   I started re-reading Ted Kooser’s “The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Advice […]

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