That Certain Slant of Light

Camping on the east end of Canada’s Manitoulin Island.

This week Tina Schell is hosting the Lens-Artist Challenge and her topic is “It’s All About Light.” Her post and others I have read have been truly “enlightening” and it really “lit” my fire. Oh how I love the morning light – those moments when night is being cast aside by the light of a new day. When the sun starts to peak over the horizon calling the earth to show forth its colors.

How wonderful to hold a mug of coffee while being gently lifted into the day with a cool breeze and the soft light of the sun filtered through thin morning clouds. But I find I have to get up early and it is only occasionally that the light is a perfect match for my morning rising. The light changes very quickly so I have to catch it before it fully blooms.

Manitoulin Island

I especially love watching the early sunrise light come across a body of water, but in my home county there is only one place I know to go that gives me this gift – Lime Lake. Lime Lake was created from a limestone quarry and has a county park on the west side of the lake. It is primarily used by people for fishing and picnicking, and students from the college a couple of miles up the road who need to go someplace to be with someone special. In spring and fall I can count on some morning mist hanging over the lake. The trees across the lake are a part of my cousin’s woodlot.

Lime Lake – a few miles from my home in Michigan.

And what joy it is to first hear a flock of Sandhill Cranes and then to see them flying overhead with the rising sun illuminating their underside.

Beauty in a Hotel Parking Lot

This was gong to be a Silent Sunday but there is a story here. The night before as we were driving towards our off-the-highway inn for the night, I smiled. I was in photography mode and thinking that there is little beauty to photograph from a hotel parking lot at these busy highway turnoffs.

Next morning I joined JB for breakfast, getting my usual scrambled powdered eggs, almost toasted English muffin, and juice. I looked up and there it was. The sun shinning on autumn leaves, slowly illuminating the mountains in the distance. People get up at 5:00 in the morning and travel miles to see this scene in their viewfinder. Fate shined on me with a room close to the dining room and next to a door to this scene.

parkway200 008-2

I don’t think cold powdered eggs taste too much different than hot ones – especially when I am glowing with the privilege of witnessing a beautiful Appalachian sunrise.

Good Morning Tree

Concord pond 014-2

I took my normal route to pick up Julie for our weekly quest to find the perfect image. We decided that with Fall we could actually get up early enough to catch the first rays of sun, and as I drove past the Lime Lake county park I glanced in that direction. The mist was rising off the lake and the sun was coming up over the trees on the far side.

After shooting several photographs, I started back to the car – and stopped. I had almost missed this beautiful tree silhouetted against the sun-rise mist.