Messing With My Mind

Another mural in our downtown area, but this one continues to mess with my mind. As I was doing some postprocessing I wondered what it would look like if I took another photo, but not from an angle. When I took the photo I wondered what kind of material the artist used for the letters and it took me a long time to figure out what word the letters created. I enjoy the shadows that are created.

What fun I’ve had each time I’ve realized I’ve been tricked.

Red Flowers on a White Brick Wall

I think this mural was what drew me downtown to try out my new camera. Every time we drive by I marvel at the beautiful work the artist did. The flower above is esthetically pleasing to look at but it is a part of a larger mural painted by David Rice in 2019.

There is so much depth to still life that I fell like I could reach out a pull out one of the flowers – except I would scare one of the butterflies.

I don’t seem to take photos of many things in red except for old barns so I though it a good selection for Jude’s “Life in Colour” challenge for August of “red”.

Portrait: Ma Ma Tu Tu

A street art mural on Cortland St. in Jackson, Michigan. A portrait beautifully done, with a tear escaping from her eye, painted by Claire Foxton.

My inspiration for this post is Becky’s Monday Portrait challenge.

Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Postcards

I have bought so many postcards throughout my years of traveling, purchased to send to kids left at home, to other family members, and friends. Sometimes I purchased them to take the place of photographs that I couldn’t take because I didn’t have a camera, photography wasn’t allowed, or sometimes I just knew I couldn’t match the skill of the professionals. What fun I had remembering my eagerness to send everyone I knew a postcard, but how much work it was to write a unique message on each one, to find stamps, and to find a postal box to slip them in. Frequently I ended up taking them home. As a child I remember the joy of receiving one and treasuring them for all the places they represented. I had a collection of them and would love to have them now. Postcards definitely define place and time.

I really wanted to participate in this challenge and even found a few postcards from travels in Europe and Russia. But other activities seemed to be filling my time this week, including buying a new camera that I am thrilled with. Instead of writing a post this morning I headed downtown to the farmers market and to explore what my camera could do as I walked around our town center taking photos of murals. A perfect confluence of time and goals took place when I found this mural.

What more can I say, except…

From there, the day went downhill, but that will be another post because my frustration with Adobe and the technical problems that pile up when one part of a process is interrupted with a new toy has sapped all my energy and reduced me to tears. Woe is me. If you are an expert in Lightroom, I really do “wish you were here” because the Adobe support hasn’t been very supportive and real life doesn’t seem to work the way manuals show. I think this is suppose to be building my character, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

There is still time for you to find those postcards you have been saving in the bottom of that drawer and participate in this week Lens-Artist Challenge.

Travel Theme: Multiples at the Art Fair

Pairs or Multiples? Message clear- street closed!

Pairs or Multiples? Message clear- street closed!

Today is the Naple’s New Year”s Art Fair downtown on 5th Avenue so hubby and I went down to have a walk around. I took my camera so I could be ready for multiples.

This street art is a permanent feature and involves multiple panes of glass that catch light to provide color in very intriguing ways.

art fair 005

Here are some interpretations of multiples from different artists.

art fair 006 art fair 017 art fair 021 art fair 026

Maybe I need a lesson on the difference between pairs and multiples. Or maybe Ailsa need to do a Travel Challenge on “Pairs”. Anyway to see Ailsa’s beautiful photos of multiples, to join the fun or to view other interpretations of multiples, click here.