Welcome, Spring Equinox

Spring comes late in the northern tier of states. In Michigan it sometimes feels like it will never come, and then the next day we have summer heat and humidity. There have been years when it has come early and then we worry because buds start coming out and winter returns for a curtain call to damage them.

birds 029

This year spring is probably going to come late for people in the north, but that is okay because then I will be able to see it unfold when I return to Michigan. These azalea buds were taking May 3 of 2013.

I am beginning to see new blooms here in southern Florida to mark the coming of spring, but it isn’t very dramatic. There isn’t much excitement when I have been surrounded by continual green and winter flowers. I remember, oh so well, the quickening of the heart and spirit as I watched green emerge after a very long monochromatic winter. Although I haven’t had to endure this winter of misery, the coming spring will spark my memory of previous springs. How exciting to see new life emerging from an earth that appeared to have died.