Playing in the Grass

Playing in the Grass

We have been enjoying the simple, friend Julie & I. For the past two weekly photo shoots we have decided to wander around the back roads – in farming country. We don’t have a destination and take any road that calls – frequently a dirt road beckons. We don’t worry about getting lost – I have lived my whole life in this area so I know where I will end up if I go north (Big Mac Bridge), south (Ohio or Indiana), east (Lake Huron or Lake Erie) or west (Lake Michigan). In the meantime we don’t need to know where we are. All we want to do is feel life, photograph simple pleasures, and rejoice in the beauty of God’s creation.

Living life simply makes it possible for me to do so much more and makes everything I do more enjoyable. For me, living life simply is a state of mind where I enjoy where I am instead of believing I will be happy when I reach future goals. It is like the two sides of a coin, both are equally important but we focus on one side at a time. Having goals and striving for a better life is important – I always planned for the future and still do. However, if I don’t enjoy what I have today, which was once upon a time my dream for the future, then I will never find joy because it will always be a tomorrow away. I hope I always have dreams for the future while finding simple pleasure in the present.

Thank you, Ailsa, for bringing us simple pleasure in the travel theme of Simplicity. There are lots of interpretations of simplicity that can be found at:

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