Ailsa posted her travel theme for the week and it is “peaceful”. I’ve been missing the Florida gulf beach so I used a photo of a sunset for the WP Photo Challenge “fleeting.” There is a certain peacefulness in a sunset and I almost chose another sunset for Ailsa’s theme. But it is the morning beach that I find especially peaceful.

sandpipers 003

I love the clear light, cool air, fresh smell of salt water, along with the long shadows of morning that bring a sense of peace mingled with the energy of a fresh start.

And my mind finds a quiet focus as I wander at water’s edge, looking for new finds among the shells dropped by the receding tide.

sandpipers 155

If you are looking for more peaceful, wander over to Ailsa’s. She would also love to see your interpretation on this theme.

Travel Theme: Pale Shells

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is pale and I had just taken some photos of shells I have collected – mostly from the local shell shop. I have softened them to highlight the soft, pale monochromatic colors.

shells 007 shells 026 shells 029 shells 040 shells 044

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