Lunch Date at Saugatuck

We went to Holland State Park this week for the maiden voyage with our new camping trailer. The first day we had heavy, oppressive humidity and frequent showers – perfect for napping and reading and catching up with my blogging buddies. The sunshine forecast for the second of our three-day stay started with fog and clouds, but with faith (in the weatherman?) we headed down the Lake Michigan coast to Saugatuck for a lunch date.

Saugatuck 081

The sun was drying up the fog just as we reached our favorite place to eat, on the Kalamazoo River, in downtown Saugutuck. We sat on the deck, watching the boats, drinking a beer. Then we shared our meals with each other – a kind of surf and turf. JB was hungry for a burger, and the fish and chips sounded good to me. We talked all day about how good it tasted – and I decided not to have my blood drawn for my annual physical for another week or so.

JB wanted ice cream so we headed round the block. I didn’t carry my camera because I just wanted to be in the day and be together. We chatted and looked for the ice cream store that used to be in that block – a couple of years ago.

Saugatuck is a delightful town. Many, many years ago it was known as an artist community that was safe for gays. It still is – and has thrived into a fun tourist destination. There are little shops and quaint cottages, all with gardens full of flowers that look like they are growing naturally – but I know the labor that goes into making them look that way. And there are inviting inns and B&Bs, even across the river where a foot ferry shuttles people to the shopping area.

Saugatuck 087

And there is art work of every description. Beautiful to behold – and so enticing. On this walk through, we had the most fun looking at the garden art.

Saugatuck 050

Oh, we found some ice cream at the Around the Corner Ice Cream Shop. I had a yummy Mackinaw Island Fudge cone. Yes, Mackinaw Island is known for its fudge, and now I know it is even better mixed into ice cream.

We were nearing the car when we noticed a new tea shop – one that advertises that they do tea right.

Saugatuck 044

We didn’t feel the need for tea, but in their side garden were beautiful roses. I went for my camera.

We agreed it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I think it was so relaxing because we are best friends who enjoy each other’s company. We have also reached an age when we no longer feel the stress of wanting things that we can’t afford. We decided that we are enjoying being old and sharing a quiet kind of love.