Tres Amegos that Cheat

beach 135

I came up blank on a creative solution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge theme of three. I gave it some thought on three different occasions and looked at three photos each time, but the three subjects just weren’t right. Then I thought of posting three photos with one subject each but that sounded too much like cheating. I think Cee would probably give me three strikes cheats before she kicked me out of her blog – but three times is also a charm so maybe three cheats are also charming.

These tres amegos meet the criterion, but does it count as cheating that I had to crop one sandpiper out? It seems only right that I show the more interesting photo of the trio with a lag behind friend. I really want to play nice but I have to bend the rules and post it now because Cee isn’t using the number four next week. Everyone will agree that its all Cee’s fault – she made me break the rules.

beach 135-2

At the Beach – Sandpipers

I spent some time at the beach in the early morning sun to get some images of sandpipers. I have a special place on the wall and will have a metallic print made. Here is a gallery of my favorite photos. I would appreciate feedback if you think one is especially well composed or interesting.