Holding the Sun



JB just reminded me that next week at this time we will be packing for our trip back to Michigan. There is so much to go back for, but I don’t want to leave the sun. Maybe if I keep posting yellow flowers… ┬áMagical thinking.

The Last Roses


I am still trying to get my mind around the blooming and growing seasons in SW Florida. I think growing never stops, but blooming times still confound me. These are a couple of roses I captured on my first visit to the botanical garden in January. When I returned a week later they were gone. This seems like the perfect blooming season as it has been somewhat cool but very sunny. I think I shall need to ask one of the volunteers – they are always eager to share information whether asked or not.

In any case, I really like the emotion of both. Especially the gentle comfort of the first. Enjoy.

Gentle-Day Post

Toledo Zoo 251For this low-energy day

I can either upload

a photo in lively pink or

red-hot orange to give my

spirit a jolt-start

or I can cloth myself in a smile

letting soft jazz

give me the tender energy

to do those little tasks,

within the softness of petals

the warmth of the scent.