My Dot on the Map: Railroad Trestle

Waterloo 074

My dot on the map used to be a railroad hub in Michigan so there were railroad lines radiating out in all directions back when railroads were the primary way goods and people got from here to there. Most of the rail lines have been torn up but the trestles still remain that were built over the many streams and rivers that connect our many inland lakes and drain the marshland.

Yesterday we had the excitement of finding one. We were out and about on country roads (this one was paved) as the sun was rising and a mist was hanging over the marshes and streams. As I was getting out of the car I glanced in the opposite direction and there it was. What joy, what fun. If I could have captured sound with this still, you would be hearing cows making a great amount of noise on an adjacent farm and Blue Jays angry at our invasion of their territory. You will also have to imagine the cool, still autumn morning air with a hint of warmth from the sun.

Cee runs a weekly challenge that gives us an opportunity to post photographs connected with the way we travel. The definition of travel is broad so it is great fun. You can check it out here.

End of the Line

Rail yard 409This isn’t exactly the end of the line, it is just a short section of track that wasn’t taken up at the rail yard here in town. It almost looks like someone laid it down as a model – but it has been there a very long time. I remember when this was a very busy place 60 years ago.

Rail yard 411