A Queen’s Wreath

Jake, who is the creative graphic artist over at Jakesprinter, decided it would be nice if we posted some flowers this week. Fine with me – I love flowers and have lots of photos of flowers. My last post was a photo of Queen’s Wreath and I promised more. When looking down the supporting trellis walk, it looks so delicate and magical – befitting for a queen’s wreath.

botanical garden 074

I have been working hard to capture the beauty of the place while also showing the delicate nature of the blossoms. This proved to be a challenge because when I photographed the individual flowers I lost the beauty of the flowers hanging together, contrasted against the rock post supporting the trellis. The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.

botanical garden 081

But sometimes we need to see the parts to appreciate the greater whole.

botanical gardens 076

The botanical name is Petrea volubilis – Verbenaceae and it comes from the Caribbean & Mexico.

Sunday Sunshine

botanical garden 100

The sun isn’t shining on my little dot on the map right now; but we have had lots of sunshine and I promised to frequently send some to all of you who are living in the cold and very snowy north. I think of you often and so wish I could vacuum a whole lot of it into a box, kind of compress it, so when you opened it, it would expand and fill your sky with sun and warmth. I can’t so I found a photo from my last trip to the botanical garden and if you stroll down this path, you will feel the cool breeze, the heat from the sun, and the welcome lines of shade.

This is one of my favorite spots in the garden. I photographed this arch many times (and posted here) because of its graceful curve and beautiful stone pillars. The plant that is being trained over it is Queen’s Wreath and it is so delicate and beautiful to behold. People stop and gaze, they talk about it. It usually doesn’t blooms in winter but because of the rainy and warmer than usual fall, it is blooming profusely now. I have been trying to capture this magical beauty from many different angles, in different light, with different lenses, with different settings. I have deleted oh so many photos because they just don’t do justice to the delicate, wispy beauty. This is the first that has been true enough to post. Maybe next week I’ll find a way to capture more of the magic because what I posted here is just a tantalizer to explore it up close.