Natural Light

I am always amazed at how the right natural light can make the common-place on a country road look extraordinary.

My inspiration comes from Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week challenge of “Natural Lighting.

Red in the Garden

I didn’t think I had many red flowers from the Naples Botanical Garden but as a went through my files I found a few. I really liked these, although red flowers usually aren’t my favorite and the are generally had to photograph in the harsh southwest Florida sun. There have been many that I took and then deleted because they turned out flat or had highlights that couldn’t be corrected.

I wasn’t able to label all of them because frequently I can’t get to tags and there isn’t a sign to be photographed for later reference. If you know what they are please let us know in the comments.

This post is brought to you in response to Nancy Merrill’s prompt of “red“.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

This is ONE of those days that we don’t like here in the north. My last post was of beautiful, quiet, sparkly snow. Today the snow is almost gone and what is left are piles of black, rotting snow. For the past 24 hours it has been 35 degrees (just above 0 centigrade) and a very dull grey. The temperature is suppose to drop a little and give us lots of ice – on everything over the next 24 hours. We are hunkered down with plenty of food and plans to make some more cookies – but that will change if the power goes out.

sunset 021

To help with my denial of the messy weather outside my door, I am focusing on ONE solitary boy silhouetted in the setting sun on a warm evening on Lake Huron in July. Now I’m feeling warmer. Thanks for sharing the warmth with me.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

Here are photos that make me happy – they represent experiences that make my soul sing. And I am especially happy that I learned to use the new gallery formats that WordPress created. Thanks!

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

Sometimes a way of living is very solitary. These photos were taken at the mountain plateau of Son Kul in Kyrgyzstan. Families spend the summer months living in yurts and grazing their livestock. There is no electricity, no running water, and from what I observed the only way to get to their home village would be on horseback through the pass and down the mountain. They move here in a hired truck.

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