Nature Photo Challenge: Pattern

Most of my many files are of nature – with a focus mostly on flowers and trees. As I was meandering through these gardens and woods from the comfort of my lodging, I was somewhat overwhelmed by having to choose the best examples of texture. I solved the problem by choosing to focus on the patterns of butterflies wings and the patterns of how they go about their work of extracting nectar from flowers. I hope you have the time to take a deep breath and linger as you scroll through my post – taking pleasure in the patterns and the colors that create the patterns of the butterflies and the garden plants they were visiting.

I encourage you to visit Denzil’s blog that hosts this nature-focused challenge so you can look at other photographer’s interpretation of patterns and see his new theme on Wednesday.

Beauty thru my Lens: Church Pews

Friend Julie and I spent a morning last week photographing the downtown churches. These are the older churches and because they are downtown, they were locked. Everyone was very gracious in letting us in and we took photos of stain glass, alters, stairs, chairs, statues and flowers.

What spoke to me most on this morning were the pews. The ornateness, the simpleness, the design, the quiet, the history.

churches 295

These pews provided support for people through the joys and sorrows and the mundane of life, and hold many secrets. So many have sought comfort here, did they find it? So many made promises, did they keep them?

churches 306

Many found hope here, did any become dispirited? These pews embraced a community, did they also harbor hatred and rejection?

churches 402

To see Julie’s post on some of the stain glass windows we photographed go to:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

Here are some patterns That are found naturally Рin nature. Succulents at the Hidden Lake Gardens in the Irish Hills of Michigan.

Hidden Lake 475Hidden Lake 488Hidden Lake 490

You can find more interpretations of patterns or add your own at: