Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: Postcards

I have bought so many postcards throughout my years of traveling, purchased to send to kids left at home, to other family members, and friends. Sometimes I purchased them to take the place of photographs that I couldn’t take because I didn’t have a camera, photography wasn’t allowed, or sometimes I just knew I couldn’t match the skill of the professionals. What fun I had remembering my eagerness to send everyone I knew a postcard, but how much work it was to write a unique message on each one, to find stamps, and to find a postal box to slip them in. Frequently I ended up taking them home. As a child I remember the joy of receiving one and treasuring them for all the places they represented. I had a collection of them and would love to have them now. Postcards definitely define place and time.

I really wanted to participate in this challenge and even found a few postcards from travels in Europe and Russia. But other activities seemed to be filling my time this week, including buying a new camera that I am thrilled with. Instead of writing a post this morning I headed downtown to the farmers market and to explore what my camera could do as I walked around our town center taking photos of murals. A perfect confluence of time and goals took place when I found this mural.

What more can I say, except…

From there, the day went downhill, but that will be another post because my frustration with Adobe and the technical problems that pile up when one part of a process is interrupted with a new toy has sapped all my energy and reduced me to tears. Woe is me. If you are an expert in Lightroom, I really do “wish you were here” because the Adobe support hasn’t been very supportive and real life doesn’t seem to work the way manuals show. I think this is suppose to be building my character, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

There is still time for you to find those postcards you have been saving in the bottom of that drawer and participate in this week Lens-Artist Challenge.

Buenos Aries Walking

I have really enjoyed my time in Buenos Aries. Because of a drastic change in plans (originally Lynn and I were going to help with penguin research near Trelew, Argentina) we have had extra days in Buenos Aries. I stayed in two different hotels in very different neighborhoods and we took a city bus tour in addition to doing some walking.

But I don’t know how to tell you about Buenos Aries – probably because there isn’t just one city, there are multiple neighborhoods that make up the city and each has its own personality. I am also not a city type of person so the descriptive words don’t come naturally to me, not like they do when I am describing rural areas. So here is the visual that helped me fall in love with Buenos Aries.