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The dictionary defines Xanadu as an idyllic, beautiful place. There really isn’t a place named Xanadu – I don’t think. The word comes from the poem Kubla Khan by Samuel T. Coleridge.

That means that we can make any place our own Xanadu. It is that place that we find idyllic and beautiful. It is our ideal get-away place.

Morning Light

Morning Light

I spent some time thinking about what images of real places would best convey my Xanadu. There are many but when I think of the beautiful places I have been, it is hard to remember specifics. What I remember is how the space made me feel. I remember smells and temperatures and smiling. I think my Xanadu is carried around within me and is triggered by all things beautiful. And my best Xanadu time is morning when the sun is coming up to greet a new day, after a good night’s rest has healed body pain and my mind is alert. All that and a hot cup of joe can make any place my Xanadu.

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