Naples 037

It won’t be long until summer is here – after the very long winter of discontent for so many people. I have heard many people say how fast time flies, but that is probably because I usually talk to people my age – kinda old. I remember when I didn’t think my birthday or Christmas would ever come. When I was a kid. My friend, Julie, is coming down next week and she e-mailed that she is looking forward to her visit like a kid waiting for Christmas. I guess, under some circumstances, time can still pass slowly.

I remember when I couldn’t wait for summer, when the kids didn’t have to go to school and our schedule would be more relaxed. Then I couldn’t wait for school to start so we could get back into a schedule and I would have more solitude. Now my kids are middle-aged adults. J & I frequently ask each other when all that time passed us by.

Every once in a while I pull out the boxes of photos of the kids when they were young, when I was a young mother. I still have some memories of that time, but so many of my memories are those recorded in the photos. I think I remember the photos better than I remember the events. Does that matter; does it make a difference?

When I look at the photo at the beginning of this post, I smile and feel a warm glow deep within me. This sculpture triggers memories of when my children were young. I don’t remember any specifics as to when, or where, or who, but I’m so happy that I have a store of memories that can be sparked by a tot in a high chair in a restaurant eating Cheerios, or kids skipping stones on Lake Michigan.

This passage of time has been good to me. All of my experiences, all the ones that brought joy, sorrow, pain, laughter, tears, fear, and satisfaction, are what define my life. Sometimes life was difficult for me, sometimes I was difficult for those in my life. There are things that I feel bad about, wish I could do over. But that isn’t the way it works. I can’t take my current mind and put it in a time long past. As I look back, I believe I did the best I could with what I had at each stage of my life. It is my life and it has been good. I lived it with integrity.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Beach Picnic

Joy seems so subjective. I respond with a sense of joy when I am in an environment, having an experience that nurtures those characteristics that make me who I am, and magnifies all that is good within me. When I experience joy it is because I feel more whole, more wholesome, more at one with all that is beautiful.

I felt joy when I stood on this beach below Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Pacific coast of Oregon. I was a distance away from the trio, but they appear to be a grandmother, son, and grandson having a picnic on a driftwood log. The son is lost in thought as he gazes at the ocean. The grandmother and grandson are gazing at each other, engaged in an interesting conversation.

I feel joy as the experience triggers memories of my grandmother introducing me to a world that is so big and so new and so mysterious. Memories of beaches big and small, the smell of sand and water. Memories of getting lost in quiet moods that allowed my mind to imagine doing great and wonderful things. My joy comes from deep within, where love and memories reside, and wells up brand new as I experience this beach for the first time.

Possibly there are other WordPress bloggers who have captured what you experience joy to be. You can check it out at:


Beach Cabins

sunset 005

Two cabins on the beach at Tawas State Park on Lake Huron, taken at sunset. This is one of my favorites from our camping trip – it touches me deep within. As a child, I spent many summer evenings with my beloved grandmother at their cottage on a lake. Hubby and I took our children camping, frequently getting beach sites on Lake Michigan or Lake Superior. This image awakens all of those memories.


Beach Remembered

Nina & Pinta 007


strangers on the beach

i remember

when morning light danced in the surf

cool air freshness gently touched skin

quiet words need not be spoken

treasures held

stashed in unformed corner

for future retrieving

i remember

Nina & Pinta 010

Beauty Through my Lens – Botanical Butterflies

When I went to the Naples Botanical Gardens last week, I had some photo fun in the Butterfly house. I bought a membership, so I am able to show you my favorites knowing that I’ll be able to go back for more in a couple of weeks.

I feel so fortunate to be able to experience life through so many of my senses. These images that are flat and still, bring forth memories of how the butterflies flitted around. I also just finished Barbara Kingsolver’s book Flight Behavior. The story is about poverty in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee with the plight of the Monarch Butterfly as the scaffold around which the story is built. I learned a lot about butterflies and so they are on my mind right now.

Last night as my husband and I were drifting into sleep, he put his hand on my shoulder. His touch was so light it could have been a butterfly landing. It felt so tender and loving. I think I will store this memory so if I ever have to live without him, I will be able to draw it out whenever I see a butterfly. What a miracle that my skin, eyes and brain can all work together to give me so much pleasure from something so small and fleeting.

Now all I have to do is protect the environment so I don’t loose the butterfly.