Saying Good-bye


We just returned from taking son and daughter-in-law, Mike & Natalia, to the airport after a 9-day visit. On the way home we talked about what a good time we had and what a wonderful man Michael is, and how lucky we are to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law. I didn’t want them to leave – but we have friends arriving tomorrow so the bedroom needed to be cleared.

I took them to the Naples Botanical Garden on my normal Tuesday morning photo shoot. They wandered the trails and paths while I enjoyed the flower colors in the overcast morning light. Of course I treated them to my ritual of drinks and scone at the cafe overlooking the lotus pond. Mike asked if I was able to take a photo of the purple flowers with their heads pointed towards us. This photo is my good-bye gift to them.

Simple Joy – Complex Beauty


The simple joy of

camera in hand

focused on a simple bud waiting

within a simple environs

to unfold its complex beauty.

In response to the prompt Simple, from The Daily Post at WordPress.