Sunday Calm: Reflection


I’m a day late and I’ve changed my heading for Sunday posts. I liked doing “Silent Sunday; it is good to be quiet and I am quiet when it seems appropriate. But I have struggled with posting an image with no words, with no finger-talking with my keyboard. I cheated a little bit by having an additional heading word, but I always felt a pang of guilt because I didn’t feel like I was adhering to the rules of a ‘Silent┬áSunday’ post.

I’m trying out the heading of “Sunday Calm.” When I searched my files for a ‘Silent Sunday’ photo, it was my aim to select a photo that would bring a sense of calm and peace. I think I will like this heading because I won’t feel the restriction from writing what is on my mind but will also hopefully bring a sense of calm and peace to my small world of followers.

This lily wasn’t the lead character in the pond in the Oriental Garden. Instead I was enjoying a Longfellows glass sculpture and I noticed the lily on the other side of this small pond. I think there were many things about this lily and its setting that called to me but I had a hard time finding a place to photograph it. I walked the path around the pond looking for a good perspective and I could see it but only because my eye filters out all the excess leaves and branches that a camera seems to magnify. When I arrived at the beginning place, I sensed a special magic from this perspective – an elusiveness or coyness..

When I downloaded the photos to Lightroom I discovered the magic of the reflections on the water’s surface. I smile at the softness of the lines and greens, and have a hard distinguishing the plants from their reflections. Most of the time the reflections in the lily ponds interfere with the composition of the subject within its environment, becoming a distraction in a photograph. In this case the reflections envelop the lily, providing a calm and quiet setting. I’ve read really good photographers advise against a busy background but I like this.

I would be interested in what others think about this image and what your experience is with reflections of greenery in your photographs.



Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday


There was some excitement at the Naples Botanical Garden yesterday about this beautiful lotus, Victoria. Unfortunately the excitement was shared by only a few people at 8:30 because it is at it’s blooming prime in early morning. By 11:00 when people were coming in greater numbers, this bloom was closing.

This is one plant with thick stalks going to this flower, the leaves, buds and the dying flower that turns pink and then sinks to the bottom (seen on the right). This lily pond is so much fun to photograph in the earlier morning hours when the almost gentle sunlight is being filtered through the trees to the east.

Based on the number of photos in my files, I seem to enjoy the water lilies and orchids the most. My goal for this year will be to focus on the other beautiful blooming plants and the rich, lush foliage of this tropical garden. I doubt, however, that I will ignore the ponds and the orchid garden.