Log Cabin

We changed our minds, on our way to supper the other night, and went down a country road we don’t usually travel. On the edge of a field, in the wooded edge row, we saw this cute little log cabin. I didn’t have my camera but decided it would be nice in the morning sun so returned early the next morning.

Little cabin on the edge of a soy field. Nice title for a novel?

Little cabin on the edge of a hay field. Nice title for a novel?

I wonder if this is where the farmer goes when family life is just too much – or where his wife goes when he is impossible to live with? Or maybe it is their love cottage.

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My Dot on the Map: Eli Stilson’s Log House

From a very early age I had a romanticized view of living in a log cabin in the wilderness. I spent a lot time thinking about how I would make it comfortable and inviting. It was my way of learning how to tame the wild. When I grew up and comfortably settled in my suburban home, I read the Little House on the Prairie books to my kids. On car trips, even my husband asked me to read these books for him and the kids.

Log cabins still stimulate my imagination. This is the Eli Stilson Log Cabin on the grounds of the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, Michigan.


Side door

Side door