That Certain Slant of Light

Camping on the east end of Canada’s Manitoulin Island.

This week Tina Schell is hosting the Lens-Artist Challenge and her topic is “It’s All About Light.” Her post and others I have read have been truly “enlightening” and it really “lit” my fire. Oh how I love the morning light – those moments when night is being cast aside by the light of a new day. When the sun starts to peak over the horizon calling the earth to show forth its colors.

How wonderful to hold a mug of coffee while being gently lifted into the day with a cool breeze and the soft light of the sun filtered through thin morning clouds. But I find I have to get up early and it is only occasionally that the light is a perfect match for my morning rising. The light changes very quickly so I have to catch it before it fully blooms.

Manitoulin Island

I especially love watching the early sunrise light come across a body of water, but in my home county there is only one place I know to go that gives me this gift – Lime Lake. Lime Lake was created from a limestone quarry and has a county park on the west side of the lake. It is primarily used by people for fishing and picnicking, and students from the college a couple of miles up the road who need to go someplace to be with someone special. In spring and fall I can count on some morning mist hanging over the lake. The trees across the lake are a part of my cousin’s woodlot.

Lime Lake – a few miles from my home in Michigan.

And what joy it is to first hear a flock of Sandhill Cranes and then to see them flying overhead with the rising sun illuminating their underside.

Backlight on an Orchid




Sometimes I’m in the orchid garden at the Naples Botanical Garden when the early morning sun back-lights an orchid, magically showcasing the inner parts and outer leaves.

Responding to Becky’s challenge for January of square photos illustrating words ending in light.

A Gift from the South


A water lily – Naples Botanical Garden, taken on 12 November 2019.

I’m glad that I am able to visit the garden in the winter when the days are shorter, the sun is still peeking through the trees when I arrive at 8 in the morning. What fun to watch the soft light move from leaf to flower and back again, waiting for the subtle illumination that brings a bit a special to a photograph.

I made some subtle changes in Lightroom to make the photograph reflect what I saw, but maybe this is closer to what I wanted to see than what was really present. Does it matter; is it wrong to create the beauty that I saw instead of the beauty that was?

Barn in Soft Winter Light


The joy of winter photography in Michigan is the very soft winter light as the sun sits low in the southern sky. The trade-off is a very cold nose and a biting wind that goes through multiple layers of clothing. The only post processing was a bit of cropping and exposure adjustment to better reflect the beautiful color my eyes saw. If I remember right I didn’t expose my body to the wind for this one, choosing to take this image out the truck window.