Sometimes Life is Messy


Sometimes life feels really messy and I become overwhelmed, over-stressed. I want to fight for human rights, equality of opportunity, a healthier planet, kindness and generosity. I see problems that need solutions and solutions proposed that are purposely designed to take from those with the least to give to those who already have more than they need. I see hatred, corruption, sexual harassment, self-interest over caring for those in need and a planet in distress. My heart hurts at constant examples of people who value obtaining great wealth over doing what is right.


I work hard to take care of myself so I have adequate energy for living life on my terms. Over the past two and half years I have periodically realized that politics and the meanness in the world was going to bed with me, interrupting my sleep, and sapping my energy. During those times I would decrease my internet and television political time and would focus on all that is beautiful as an antidote for the messiness of life.


For some reason this strategy stopped working for me during the first part of October. I could feel myself slipping into a mild depression and frequently said to friends that I wanted to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. The problem was that I knew how not to be part of the problem – by not making derogatory comments about people who express support for incompetent politicians. I know I can maybe be a part of the solution by having the integrity of living a life that is consistent with my values of honesty, truth, compassion, inclusiveness, equality and living simply. But I didn’t know how to be part of the big picture solution. It sounds grandiose but I wanted to be able to do something that would fix Washington, to fix the injustices that were happening, overrule the harmful policies that hurt those without power. I wanted the power to do right but was realizing that I might belong to the group that is without power. Ouch!

My solution: for the past 40-some days I have been knitting hats. Lots of hats with more yarn being shipped for even more hats. I have been knitting almost a hat a day and hope to be able to make them available to low- and no-income people who visit a pantry that gives out personal care items and cleaning products in my community in Michigan. I have knit little hats and big hats, hats with stripes and hats with cables, and hats with fancy stitches. I have knit hot pink hats and blue hats and green hats and grey hats. I just finished a “roy g b” hat with red, orange, yellow, green and blue stripes (I don’t have indigo and violet).

Most important, I knitted every hat thinking about some child, some teenager, some parent, some homeless person who will be a little warmer during the cold Michigan winter. I knitted in a little joy and goodwill into every stitch, hoping that the people who get them will feel it. By knitting hats, I also knitted my soul back together (with a help of a couple of good sermons that were relevant).

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Last week I had a hard time coming up with a post for “U”, this week I’m having trouble because I have too many things I want to post. Whatever is a Woman to do?

My first thought was to use the Windows I’ve taken recently – Windows begin with W but didn’t feel very exciting. There were other problems, too.


This is an interesting widow that we can see into – don’t worry it is a museum not a person’s house. But yesterday I was reading about Lady Godiva and Peeking Tom from Coventry England. Peeking into this window spooked me out a little even though Tom was peeking out from his shutters ┬áto see what he could see as our fair Lady rode naked on a White steed. I hope Adam’s owner doesn’t get any ideas.


These windows are in the pavilion up on the hill in one of our parks. It is a big pavilion and it has a Frank Lloyd Wright feel. Wright Windows should get me double points but I don’t know if these are really windows because there isn’t glass in them. Can we compromise at 1.5 points? But you can see why I’m conflicted about using these windows.

I decided to think about it as I was taking my morning walk, and what should I see… but a robin finding a Worm (look closely and you’ll see it).

socks & worms & sign 011

Didn’t Elmer Fudd say wobin? That would also give me double points – a Wobin with a Worm. Then I decided this wasn’t a good choice because yesterday I posted about my “I’m going to eat worms and die and then you will be sorry” day on Sunday. I didn’t want anyone to think I was stalking this poor Wobin to steal its Worm for my pity party.

I have one more idea: Wool as in Wool socks!

What is Wrong with this picture?

What is Wrong with this picture?

Hubby walks by my reading room. “What’s you doing?” “Taking pictures of my feet.” “You are bored and need a life.” No, I’m not bored because I’m taking photographs. How can a person be bored with a camera in their hands?

Well, actually what I need to do is finish the other sock. I have it started…

socks & worms & sign 005

but had put it away for a year or so. I’ve been working on it a little during the past few day but boy those are little knitting needles and I am about as graceful with them as I am with chopsticks. I’m getting back in the groove but these stitches are soooooo small and it takes a long time to see progress. And when I get this second sock done, I have yarn for another pair.

socks & worms & sign 009

I still don’t know which set of photos to use for my W so I think I’ll sleep on it and, like Scarlet O’Hara, deal with it tomorrow. When I Waken I’ll know Whatever one I use Will be Wonderful!

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