Jaded in the Garden


Twice this winter, as I was walking through the Caribbean section of the Naples Botanical Garden, I had a volunteer tell me not to miss the Jade Vine growing in the columned walk – where the beautiful purple Queen’s Wreath grows. The first time I saw it I didn’t think they were growing naturally – they had the color that comes when florists dye plants. My reaction was that nature just doesn’t produce this color. I took photos but didn’t post them because – well, they just weren’t natural.


The second time I was still amazed by the color and once again took photos. This time I’m sharing because they are such an unusual color, have a graceful shape, and the fact that the petals come out of a small purple bead has enamored me. I’m also in the process of posting those images from my walks through the garden that don’t fit into a garden story but are worth a post. I’m engaging in my getting-ready-to-go-north rituals.