Chocolate Iris


My chocolate iris are blooming their hearts out this year. When perennials bloom it is like having friends visit after not seeing them for a long time. The daffodils didn’t bloom well this year and I missed them, so I am really enjoying the iris – and eagerly awaiting blooms in the other perennials that are teasing me with lush growth. JB likes marigolds so he bought a flat; I’m going to weave them among the perennials so the yellow and orange will draw our eyes through the garden and accent the perennials. At least that is my vision – we will see how it works.

Chocolate Iris – a beauty

My daughter brought this with her when she moved her things to Michigan from Arkansas. She got it from a neighbor who called it a chocolate iris. I have been not-so-patiently waiting for it to bloom after moving it next to the orange iris last year.

To really appreciate its beauty, view it as a slide show by clicking on any photo. I am really enjoying my 50mm primary lens. All of these were taken with it.

Beauty thru my Lens: Iris

morning flowers 033-2

A week or so ago I posted this in a gallery of flowers I took in the early morning light. They have come out and once again I am amazed at its beauty. Iris is such a graceful flower.

Iris 230

garden center 011

Floral Friday

If you don’t look at the date of this post, you won’t realize that I’m a day late. I got up this morning at 6:30 so I could take some photos of the first of the summer flowers (or maybe they are late Spring). Anyway it is really exciting when my plants begin to bloom. It is almost like seeing them for the first time – although I’ve had most of them for many years. Maybe that is one of the joys of aging – we sometimes forget what we have.

I also decided to try my Nikon 50mm lens again. When I first bought it I wasn’t sure I was going to like it or use it much. I almost sent it back but now I’m glad I didn’t. I tried it at the zoo yesterday for both some close-ups and some landscapes. It performed well for both. This morning I used it for my flowers and I’m really excited about the results.