Beauty thru my Lens: Horse Barn

Owen Sound 075

Old Horse Barn outside Owen Sound Ontario. How elegant it is. I am sitting here wondering what my mind sees and depicts as elegant – maybe the architecture, or the coloring. There is detail that indicates it was not an inexpensive structure to build and that it took some skilled tradesmen. I had always hoped to attain an elegance in my aging years, but now it doesn’t seem to be as important. Now I have more desire to be who I am, to be a little rough around the edges. I want to have fun and to laugh and somehow that doesn’t seem to be compatible with my notion of elegance.

Interesting that the people who have caught my eye as having the kind of elegance I wanted, I have noticed at a distance. They weren’t close friends. The people who I gather around me are people who have character. They are good people, people who care about others and are honest. And they seem to be this way out of habit – values that were formed a long time ago so that now they are comfortable living within their aging bodies. They are comfortable speaking about life as it is, calling a spade a spade. They also respect what other people have to say, correcting inaccurate facts but accepting that others have different values. I have become more accepting that others have different values, but also prefer spending my time with people who share my core values.

The time I have left to live is too short to spend listening to another’s values that I believe are ill-guided and not conducive to serving a common good, a world where there is an equal playing field and everyone plays nice. As I do what I can to make this happen, I am going to laugh and have some fun.