H is for Huge Horizon


Homestead on a vast field, against a vast horizon.

We spent the past two days driving through North Dakota and Montana, so vast horizons have been central on my mind. Montana is known as Big Sky Country, and with a big sky comes a big horizon, and big wheat fields, and big trains.

I was talking with the young owner of a cafe we stopped at for coffee, in a small town on Highway 2 in Montana. She was saying that the Harvest Lunch they sell is sometimes bought by people going to the doctor or dentist. I commented that there isn’t anything between towns – and she quickly said “just wheat.” That is what they grow a lot of in Montana. They are harvesting and they need lots of big trucks, grain elevators and trains to get the wheat to other places.

Rocky Mountains on the horizon.

Barn against the Rocky Mountains on the horizon.

And that is what we saw as we looked towards the horizon; wheat fields with small patches of green that signify a farmstead, with grain silos, grain elevators, and long trains along the highway.

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