Balancing Act


I had so much fun looking at this display, especially through my lens. “Balancing Act” is one of the displays of glass artist Hans Godo Frabel at the Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida. It is located in the water garden where I take most of my lily photographs.


What a perfect setting. The still water makes for wonderful reflections and viewing can take place from multiple perspectives, both on land and the boardwalk down the center.

Most of all I love the motion and emotion of these figures. I love how they work in unison and alone. But my mostest love is for how they make me smile from deep down – right down to my toes. I almost said, “Can I try it? Please? Pretty please with sugar on it?”

I was thrilled with the photos I took last Tuesday and am excited about returning – knowing that I’ll take more to see if there is an angle or perspective that captures something new. I’m looking forward to my second viewing of “Balancing Act.”

Reflection of lace


Glass bowl created by glass artist Hans Godo Frabel. Displayed at the Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida, USA.

Posted in response to A Photo A Week Challenge: Reflection.

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