Natural Light

I am always amazed at how the right natural light can make the common-place on a country road look extraordinary.

My inspiration comes from Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week challenge of “Natural Lighting.

Golden Hour Garden

My favorite time of day is very early morning, here in Michigan at 6:30 or so, when the sun is just beginning to peek through the trees and casting glowing spotlights on the new blooms in my garden. We are having a few clear days with low humidity and cool nights – this makes for a very golden morning garden.

Now image the fresh smell of morning, clear blue skies, the cool air against bare arms and legs, and the sound of birds calling their good mornings. I’ll provide the cup of coffee or tea. Shall I put something in the oven?

WordPress is challenging us to see what that golden hour at sunrise and sunset can do to turn our good photos into great ones. To see more interpretations, or to share your favorite photos taken during the golden hours, visit: