Life in Colour: Green (with a little extra)

During my weekly walkabout at the Botanical Garden, with camera around my neck, I was looking for green for Jude’s “Life in Colour” challenge. Not that there isn’t any green in a subtropical garden where staff and volunteers are continually working to keep “green” from taking over. Yes there is lots of green, but I was looking for greens with unusual textures and color variations and plant combinations. I was trying to not become overwhelmed by so many greens – all with wonderful textures and variations, all planted in beautiful combinations.

Maybe you’re wondering what my problem is – especially if you live up north where your world hadn’t turned very green yet. My problem is that the photos I liked the best, were really excited about, were the ones where other hues popped in. Other colors kind of photo bombed their way in. Snuck in through the back door.

See what I mean? That little red pepper just slipped in there and looks maybe a little smug or even giggling a bit on the inside. It is hard being subtle when you’re a red-hot pepper.

Oops, here’s another one…

As I was trying to photograph the beautiful form of these green palm fronds, I couldn’t very well climb up and cut down the fruit from the palm behind it. Instead, the red almost takes center stage in what was suppose to be a photograph of “green.” It would be a crime to crop it out of the photograph, don’t you think.

I never put my camera in my photography cart when I am ready to leave because the area along to exit boardwalk always had a surprise or two requiring me to get my camera out again. When I turned the corner and headed towards the exit from a direction I usually don’t take, I noticed beautiful, big green leaves and no other color trying to weasel their way in. I examined them, thinking about a good composition – and then I saw it.

This little critter was perched on a big green leaf and seemed quite happy to be there. He didn’t even move when I came within a couple of feet to take its picture. When I downloaded the photos into my computer, I got a closer look and realized that it is a work of art and very colorful.

What wonderful color in the tail, and look at how complex the wings are and especially where to wings join the body. I think Jude will forgive me for introducing this color into her “green” challenge. Right, Jude?

A Gentle Kind of Green

20150303-amazon botanical garden 271This week I took my friend Lynn to the botanical garden. I can’t go without my camera, but because I didn’t want to focus on photography, I took my light-weight 50mm lens.

I hadn’t used it in a long time and once I got used to moving my body instead of the telephoto lens, I had great fun. I couldn’t resist a few more orchid images, but my latest love has been foliage.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 218After seeing some pillows in the gift shop that were beautiful but way more than I wanted to spend, Lynn suggested that I transfer some of my photographs to fabric and make pillows. That idea makes taking macro shots of foliage even more exciting and interesting.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 191

This project almost makes me eager to get back to Michigan where I have my photo printer. All you people in the upper 47 states (all but Florida, Texas, and Hawaii) will need to get working on getting the snow gone and some warm weather so I can come home. I saw your roll of the eyes – that was really insensitive of me. I’m sorry.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 264 I am also eager to get to my printer because I am using some of these to decorate our livingroom in Florida. The last two are strong contenders because I like the lines and the colors are good – at least on my computer screen.

20150303-amazon botanical garden 288I hope this glimpse of green soothed your spirits that are so eager for spring to arrive. I remember how frustrating it is to endure the long winters of the north.

Tagged – G for Green Garden

I’m not being very original but I just took another trip to the Botanical Gardens and have some nice pics of GREEN foliage. I think I can count this for G if I only use green foliage instead of all the other colors of foliage that possible to take. That will be for another week. I am practicing at capturing the textures, colors and personality of plants and trees.

Of course garden also begins with G so here are a few photos to give you a feel for the Naples Botanical Gardens.

And to show I can be a bit creative, I give you the GIANT Swallow Tail Butterfly.

botanical gardens 340