Comfortable Being in Place & Time


My visit to the Naples Botanical Garden on this recent morning had a different feel to it – I was in a strange state of mind that I am struggling to define. I very seldom head for the garden with an agenda, that I’m going to photograph landscapes or succulents or textures. The morning and the garden speak to me, and I listen. I allow areas or scenes to pull me in, to pique my imagination, to challenge my creative desires.


I was feeling a lot of body fatigue that made me want to find a bench to sit and wait for  life to come to me, maybe even pass me by. Instead my mind was captivated by the unique colors and creative lighting at the lily pond.


The light defined what was important to photograph. The flowers I have seen before appeared different, and the single water flower floating high above the water was impossible to ignore. I felt the earth stretching and yawning as the sun rose above the surrounding trees.

The color, texture and composition of these lily pads displayed an aging beauty in the soft morning light. The water surface laid still from lack of a breeze, not able to compete for textural attention.


Maybe what I saw reflected the fatigue in my body, but the flowers seemed to be slow to reach out to the sun. There seemed to be no urgency. All the flowers and foliage appeared to be comfortable just being in time and place.

How silly of me to assign human thought and motive to plant material. We frequently see ourselves, project our own thoughts and emotions onto what we see. Maybe all that I am saying about the garden on this morning is really what I was experiencing in my mind and body.


When I left the lily pond, I decided to walk along the path between the formal garden and the lake in the natural garden. My desired destination was the benches along this walk, I still felt the need to be still. My reward was watching an egret fishing for some morning morsels. When I moved on to another bench, I watched a tri-colored heron preening and warming in the morning sun.

I didn’t spend as much time in the garden as is usual, and I even passed by the cafe where I normally stop for a scone and ginger limeade. We were between house guests and I knew I better watch calories because our guests want to make the most of their vacations and Naples is a phenomenal place for eating out. After close to a month of visitors my waist and tummy have responded.

I have missed that special culinary treat in the garden cafe so next time I’m going to indulge. For this visit, what I treasure is being¬†comfortable just being in time and place as I photographed the garden.

Water Lily Network


I am intrigued with the structural features of this water lily plant. For a flower that is loved for its grace and beauty, it sure has a hearty, prickly structure. As I was sitting on a bench on the boardwalk over the Water Garden in the Naples Botanical Garden, I watched the giant lily pad floating across the back side of this plant. It was attached by one the large stems and was moving with the current.


This brings to mind systems theory – how in complex systems the whole is more than the sum of the parts. In these times when some people are trying to tell us to be afraid of non-whites who want to come into the country, I am reminded of the history of the creativity and the industriousness of immigrants who have come to our country in order to fulfill their dreams of creating a better life for their families and society.

Once again I remember an important belief that I hold, a belief that when we welcome new people in, when we build up the least among us by celebrating and supporting the strengths they bring to our communities, when we build strong connections of mutual respect and caring, everyone wins. I do not believe that we are a zero sum society where if you are invited in, I am pushed out. I may be a pollyanna, but I believe when people of all colors, all nationalities, all incomes join hands and work hard together we will be a better society, a better country.

I also believe we need more people in policy-making positions that believe this way. How you vote will have an impact on what type of society we will have in the future.


Balancing Act


I had so much fun looking at this display, especially through my lens. “Balancing Act” is one of the displays of glass artist Hans Godo Frabel at the Naples Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida. It is located in the water garden where I take most of my lily photographs.


What a perfect setting. The still water makes for wonderful reflections and viewing can take place from multiple perspectives, both on land and the boardwalk down the center.

Most of all I love the motion and emotion of these figures. I love how they work in unison and alone. But my mostest love is for how they make me smile from deep down – right down to my toes. I almost said, “Can I try it? Please? Pretty please with sugar on it?”

I was thrilled with the photos I took last Tuesday and am excited about returning – knowing that I’ll take more to see if there is an angle or perspective that captures something new. I’m looking forward to my second viewing of “Balancing Act.”