Floral Friday

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One of the joys of living on the edge of the tropics are the orchids that grow in trees. They grow their roots around the tree and get nutrients from the rainwater that runs down, over bird droppings. The orchids in the lead photo are in front of the Naples Botanical Garden. There are lots of orchids growing in trees around the gardens and there is a story behind them.

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Someone approached the manager at the Publix grocery store close to the Botanical Gardens and asked if he could have the orchids that didn’t sell and were past blooming to give to the Botanical Gardens. The manager said to come back in a couple of weeks and that is how the gardens are increasing their orchids randomly growing on trees. It is a motivator to look up as I stroll, looking for those fun photo opportunities.

The Gardens have orchids in all colors for sale outside their welcome center.

I am excited because they are going to have a new orchid garden by the new welcome center that is under construction. Next year I will have a new area to explore on my weekly visits.

Floral Friday: Orchid

From the Naples Botanical Gardens

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Floral Friday on the Beach

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I saw this at the beach this week and I’m still learning southern flowers. A daunting task as just about every kind of flowering plant thrives here. This looks a lot like a beach morning glory but my garden books says they are pink. Does anyone know what this is?

Floral Friday

My garden is all cleaned up – except for some mums in the front and a couple of hydrangeas that have beautiful fall-pink blossoms. Flowers don’t catch my eye like they did in the spring and summer, probably because the trees are all ablaze and steal the show. What does catch my attention are the seed pods and bursting seeds of the milkweed plant.

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