Travel Theme: Motion

Yesterday Julie and I were in motion, traveling down the country roads in the farm country to the southwest of where we call home. We didn’t really have a destination but kept on the move looking for photo opportunities. A beautiful brick farmhouse caught our attention but the dogs running toward us kept us in the car.

Homer 290

After backing out and moving a few yards, I spied a BIG horse. REALLY BIG HORSE – so we pulled into the drive next to the coral. This horse was instantly on the move, prancing around, coming to see us, snorting at us, hiding behind the barn. I really felt like he was telling us that he was boss and I think he said something about not having any intention of working. At times he also seemed to like our attention and being the focus of our cameras. I was glad there was an electric fence between us because…

Homer 282

Did I say he was big? Actually I didn’t take time to check gender so it could have been a she. There was a mate in the coral but he didn’t have much to say – the grey one did all the communicating. Sounds like most marriages – I wonder which one I am?

Homer 279

Isn’t this the perfect farmhouse? Unfortunately the owners of the horses weren’t around to tell us their story.

Homer 270

They are probably the draught horses that keep this cart in motion for parades.

Homer 344

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