Almost Open


Do we have the courage to

open our doors

to receive the unknown

Do we have the courage to

extend a hand

of compassion with risk

Do we have the courage to

learn of past sins

shrouded in deception

Do we have the courage to

probe our beliefs

pursuing truth and justice


The RDP # 46 – Open prompt brought the smile of an easy post of this photo of a shed that has been waiting in a recent photo file for just the right moment. Then I felt the nudge to express some thoughts in a style of writing that is on the edge of my comfort zone. It takes a lot of courage for me to label this as poetry when I am familiar with the perfect words and lines that are produced by the “real” poets I read. But I suppose it wouldn’t have integrity as a poem about courage if it didn’t require courage to write.

Cuba: Doors of Matanza

The Cubans have a wonderful cultural heritage in their architecture. I took many photos of doors and windows and rooftops and cornices and walls. So many of the doors in Cuba were open and I wondered about the stories of those who entered and exited them.





My inspiration for this post was the blog Norman 2.0 and Norm’s Thursday Doors.

You can read about how we found the wonderful travel company we used and the design of this custom tour at my post Cuba: Traveling on the Edge. You can find information about the travel agency we used with this link: Positive Things and Destinations. I receive no compensation for referrals, I provide the link because we trust the owners and had such a good experience.

Doors of Buenos Aries

20151025-DSC_0027A friend and I had signed up to help with a research project on penguin feeding in the Patagonia region of Argentina last fall but it fell through because the activity level was too rigorous for me. We were really disappointed for a few minutes, until we decided to go anyway (everything was paid for) and take a couple of tours on our own. How great it turned out to be because it allowed us free time to explore Buenos Aries, both on foot and on a bus tour.

I’m not a city type of gal, so I was intrigued by how people live – both because the culture is so different than my North American culture and because they are city dwellers. I have always been fascinated by doors. At my dot on the map, I have photographed doors but most look “common” and because my professional background is in mental health I pretty much understand the full range of human experiences that go on behind those closed doors.

But when visiting a different culture, I can’t make those assumptions. Yes, there are probably more similarities than differences in how we live, but I have a hard time getting my mind around that. The doors look so different, so life behind them must also be different. Right?

Here are some doors to stimulate your imagination – especially if you don’t live in Buenos Aries.




20151025-DSC_0021Here is a link to see more posts about doors.