My Favorite Summer Window

Ice cream, anyone?

Next to us, hanging out the car window, these two friends seem to know where they are and know a treat is coming.

This delicious treat is brought to you by Monday Window challenge. I tend to be partial to flurries and milk shakes.

Buenos Aries Pups

20151026-DSC_0210Aren’t they cute, aren’t they sweet? Nooooo, they are partners in evil plots.

Friend, Lynn, and I are in Argentina for a tour-about. We had just come out of a church and stopped to look around for a place to get a light supper before heading back to our hotel in central Buenos Aries. The white cutie came bouncing up to me and I leaned over to give it a pet. Then the accomplice came bouncing up to distract me. All of a sudden the owner (and the owner of the shop close by) was grabbing at the dogs and yelling. I didn’t know what was going on, but friend Lynn was doubled over laughing. As accomplice had distracted me, the white cutie lifted his leg and peed on my pant and shoe. All the while a policeman is looking on trying not to smile. And where is the law when you need it???

The owner was very repentant and everyone had a good laugh – even the policeman. And there was a wonderful bakery where we bought savory pastries and hot tea to enjoy at a table on the street as the church bells did their evening song and boys practiced football on the street.

Exploring Langley

We love driving back roads and exploring small towns, so yesterday we explored the southern end of Whitbey Island. Our only rule was that we avoid the main north-south highway that is very busy this Labor Day weekend. We also avoid towns with too many cars and people. The highlight of the trip was walking around Langley, eating creamy, rich fudge and cold, creamy gelato. There goes the diet but here comes the pics. Enjoy.

Tagged D – domes, doors & dogs

I’m a little slow on this one – but it took me a while to think about what I wanted to do for D. When thinking about photos I took a long ago but continue to love, I thought about domes…

Church of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg

Church of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg

I also thought about doors, but I don’t have a lot of them. My favorite is from Dublin…


What I really wanted to do was one on dogs that go to the South Street Farmer’s Market on Saturday Morning. I took my visiting friend last Saturday (she’s not a dog) but ran into two major problems – there were way too many people this time of year and I am really bad at taking dog pictures. But…I had fun and I found a few dogs that stood still enough to get a good-enough shot.

farmers market dogs 006

farmers market dogs 009

Pups are very eager to come to the Farmer’s Market because they know it is a good place to find…

farmers market dogs 007

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