Shooting Practice

fall leaves 002

With camera, not a gun. As I was leaving worship this morning, I noticed these cascading leaves in front of where we parked and decided I would return with camera. The day was beautiful with the sun filtered by thin, high clouds. I also decided to take my inexpensive tripod instead of my unipod because I haven’t been real excited with the clarity of my photos with the unipod, but started using it because the tripod is awkward to use. I’m thinking I may want a new tripod with a ball head.

This turned into a time of experimenting with camera settings and of trying to capture falling leaves. It also meant I practiced patience as I waited for leaves to fall in the right place – the place where my camera lens was pointed.

fall leaves 013

A shooting leaf.

fall leaves 031 Tomorrow Julie & I are going out for some early morning light and color so maybe I’ll try again. I like the excitement of being at the front end of my learning curve where I’m bordering on being clueless.