Claire’s Eggs: The Rest of the Story

A month ago I did a post on the eggs that our daughter brought from Claire, my daughter’s colleague in Texas (click here). At the end of the post I asked Claire to tell us about the hens that laid the beautiful eggs she had sent to us.

We used the last of the eggs by making a “rainbow omelet.”

Here is what she wrote: “After all these years raising chickens, I, too, still marvel at the colors my girls lay. The blue eggs come from the mutts of the chicken world. They have various names depending on which hatchery is selling them but the ‘technical term’ amongst chicken people is Easter Eggers and they lay all colors of eggs, mostly blue or green. The dark brown eggs come from the cuckoo marans, the tan eggs come from Buff Orpingtons, a Red Broiler (was supposed to be dinner but she was too sweet) named Gerda, and a huge gray Jersey Giant. The olive color eggs are from a bird hatched on the farm, a Buff Orpington/Easter Egger cross – if you look at the shell when you crack the egg, you’ll see the inside is blue. The white eggs are from an Andalusian hen and/or 2 white leghorns that we can’t tell apart. The yolks are darker for the hens that spend the most time foraging on pasture, lighter for the lazier girls that eat more feed. I’m so pleased y’all enjoy the eggs and gave them some space in your wonderful blog, thank you!”

Claire, can I put in an order for two dozen for Friday delivery? The weather is nice here in Michigan. My store bought eggs just aren’t as much fun.