Sunday Calm: Somewhere Far Way


I’m still pulling from my Florida files because the weather has been so grey that I haven’t gotten out to capture the beautiful unfolding of Spring here in Michigan. This morning I sat on my purple porch swing, the warm sun on my face, not thinking about my garden that I can hear growing right in front of me. I’m not even thinking about going out on a photography jaunt.

No, Jesus help me, I’ve been thinking about politics. I’m not sure if my prayer for the help of Jesus is to stop me from thinking about the scary place we seem to be in, politically speaking, or to help me clarify my thoughts so I can speak out clearly and convincingly – at least to a few people who need to hear what I’m thinking.

That is where I am on this Sunday morning. Someplace between the calm of having a scone overlooking the lily pond at the Naples Botanical Garden and thinking through what I would need to say if I was willing to pull myself out of my need for calm and peace long enough to fulfill my civic responsibility. We will see what happens.