Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Here are some of my favorite photos from the past couple of weeks that represent how curves can result in objects of great beauty and gracefulness.

churches 106 churches 330 churches 243

churches 453

antiques 121

antiques 289

One of my posts earlier this week included some beautiful curved pews – you can check them out here.

The Weekly Photo Challenge can be found here.

Beauty thru my Lens: Church Pews

Friend Julie and I spent a morning last week photographing the downtown churches. These are the older churches and because they are downtown, they were locked. Everyone was very gracious in letting us in and we took photos of stain glass, alters, stairs, chairs, statues and flowers.

What spoke to me most on this morning were the pews. The ornateness, the simpleness, the design, the quiet, the history.

churches 295

These pews provided support for people through the joys and sorrows and the mundane of life, and hold many secrets. So many have sought comfort here, did they find it? So many made promises, did they keep them?

churches 306

Many found hope here, did any become dispirited? These pews embraced a community, did they also harbor hatred and rejection?

churches 402

To see Julie’s post on some of the stain glass windows we photographed go to:


Travel Theme: Circles

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is “Circles” and she posts some beautiful images here. I love photographing architecture and especially the graceful curves that are used in so much of architecture. But I promised myself not to use photos of partial circles (curves) but use full circles. Here are three of my favorites found while traveling in the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

Thursday pics 033

St. Johns NF

St Johns 051

To add your photos to the fun, go to:

Travel theme: Circles

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This is a photo of a church that was taken when traveling around the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec.

I had recently done another post on geometry that you can view here at https://imissmetoo.me/2012/10/30/walking-delights-1030-geometric-designs/

To find out more about Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge and find more examples go to http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/weekly-photo-challenge-geometry/

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada


We spent the first part of the day walking around Saint John, before going to the City Market and then on to drive the Bay of Fundy Scenic Drive. Here is some of the architecture, beginning with a couple of the churches that are Provincial Historic Sites.

The Church of St. Andrew and St. David

As you can see, the fog coming off the Bay of Fundy along with the smoke from burning fossil fuels has blackened some of the stone work. Reminds me of Edinburgh Old Town and London.

St. John’s Stone Church

Now for a little of “This & That”

No Sitting Allowed

Carved Wooden Figures of Street Life
(except for the character – my husband – in the blue shirt)