Short People’s Place

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is “short” and it fit perfectly with a blog I was mulling around in my mind on the Children’s Garden at the Naples Botanical Gardens. This portion of the garden is designed for people of the short variety – and me. I am relatively tall (5′ 7”), but the little person in me delights when things are shrunk in correct proportion. I think this is why I have spent several mornings exploring this garden with my camera. Take my hand and we will walk around together.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…

How does your garden grow?

botanical gardens 307

Very well, thank you, with good watering.

I don’t think there are silver bells or cockleshells, and definitely no row of pretty maids. But there are lots of kids when school isn’t in session because this is a fun place for families to visit. Frequently there are bus-loads of kids because it is a great place to learn.

This is the location of the butterfly pavilion so I walk through every time I visit. On this Tuesday morning I was about the only one here so I did a little exploring.