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Monday North Point 090

Canada, and here’s to friends to the north of the US. This week’s letter from Frizz is the letter C and here are a few photos from our trip to Canada last summer.

Hubby stayed in cabins when he traveled with his parents – and was delighted when we found a cabin to stay in on Newfoundland – for two nights no less.

C is for Cabin

C is for Cabin

We went around many curves – these being on the east side of the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia.

C is for curvy roads

C is for curvy roads

We went to see where the river reverses course because of the large tides at the Bay of Fundy. This next photo of a collapsing structure was taken in Saint John, New Brunswick.

C is for collapsing

C is for collapsing

We stayed at a wonderful Provincial Park in Quebec and these canoes were inviting on a warm summer day.

C is for Canoe

C is for Canoe

And of course what we saw the most of were coastlines in the Maritime Provinces.

Coastline on Cabot Trail

C is for Coastline on Cabot Trail

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Port a Day – Nova Scotia Canada

This image was taken at a small bay off Bay Saint Lawrence on the Cabot Trail at the north end of Nova Scotia in Canada. We were told that this wooden boat was hand made and it was a beauty. When I look at this photo I remember a sense of calm and peace and joy that comes at the end of a day well lived.

North Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

North Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

Port a Day – North Point, Nova Scotia

Wanderlust has taken me to North Point at the northern point of Nova Scotia – along the Cabot Trail in Eastern Canada. This is a little bay off the Bay St. Lawrence and these are lobster boats that are “beached” until next spring during lobster season.

Monday North Point 131

Travel Theme: Texture – Land meets Sea

Alisia’s travel theme of the week is texture – what fun.

I have been going through my photos taken during our trip to the Maritime Provinces of Canada and wondering how to use those that I enjoy but haven’t fit into any of my themed posts. Enter Alisia’s theme.

I love this one because of the various textures that frame the texture of the jutting rock. This was taken at Meat Point at the north end of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Of course in the Maritime Provinces, the primary themes are the contrasting textures of land and water. The next two Photos were taken from a boat off of North Point at the northern most part of Cape Breton Island.

In these photos, the textures of land and water meeting is deceptively calm, but the hardness of the rock says that it can meet the force of water with firm resolve creating a tempest of texture in our imagination.

The next photo is from the mouth of the Bay of Fundy when the tide is going out. The color created by the varying depth as the water level lowers creates new textures on the water. How much softer the meeting of land and water is here.

This last scene is of the mouth of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec. The soft textures of sky and sea meet with only a hint of land between.

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View from the Sea – Cape Breton

The rock formations at the north end of Cape Breton Island were fascinating. It made me wish I had a geologist along. These were taken at North Point from the boat while we were watching sea life.

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